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Welcome to Bebe Got Back!

Bebe Got Back is dedicated to promoting wellness and self-care.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Yes! We offer wholesale opportunities globally. 

What are your production capabilities?

Our current production capabilities are 500,000 units per SKU per month.

How can I place a wholesale order with Bebe Got Back?

Please send an email to with the following information:

• Your brand name.

• Your city and country.

• Indicate the store, website, or platform where you plan to sell these products.

• Provide a list of the products you are interested in selling.

• Specify the quantity of each item you intend to sell.

How does your wholesale pricing work?

We tailor our wholesale prices according to the season and our current inventory, considering the quantities you wish to order. Greater order volumes qualify for more substantial discounts. Feel free to reach out with the details provided for a personalized quote.

Do you produce custom runs for wholesale orders?

We offer custom production runs for orders exceeding 1000 units per SKU.

Do you work with subscription box brands?

Yes, we’re working on this now.

Do you offer exclusivity for wholesale orders?

The exclusivity options vary based on volume and specific order details. For further information, please reach out to us.

Do you offer distribution scenarios for global markets?

Distribution opportunities are contingent upon market conditions and product volume. For more details, please get in touch with us.



Our vegan and cruelty-free products are made from organic ingredients with no animal harm or testing. We're committed to providing ethical and sustainable solutions for conscious consumers.


Our products help women of all backgrounds achieve their desired body shape, whether post-pregnancy or those struggling to achieve the ideal body physique they've always desired.


We don't promise instant results. Achieving your desired body requires consistent effort. By implementing more changes, you will accelerate the pace of achieving the shape you crave.